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Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Refugee Clinic staff and patient

How We Help

We Advocate

Valley Health Foundation advocates to achieve equitable health and access to the highest-quality health services by addressing health disparities and inequalities, supporting services for vulnerable populations, and strengthening the overall financial stability of our public healthcare system. Our donors’ support helps bring visibility to our most pressing health and healthcare challenges so that everyone has access to achieve their best health.

Health Equity - We proactively advocate and seek funding for programs that serve patients that have historically been ignored or underserved by the American healthcare system with a focus on the social determinants of health.

Outreach and Education - We educate community leaders, health advocates, and the public about the positive impact, high value, and quality of care offered through public healthcare facilities and services.

Public Policy - We engage in public campaigns and ballot measures that bring resources to services that benefit the health of the community.