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Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Refugee Clinic staff and patient


Public Policy

Public Policy - We engage in public campaigns and ballot measures that bring resources to services that benefit the health of the community

Valley Health Foundation has a long history of tirelessly advocating for the health of every resident in Santa Clara County. To this end, the Foundation works with County leaders to identify and support services designed for populations in our community for whom housing and access to basic health needs are insufficient. The following are examples of this essential advocacy work supported, and in some cases led, by the Foundation:

  • Residential Substance Abuse - In 2003, Valley Health Foundation advocated for and secured funding from many private donors, including Joe Parisi, to build The Parisi House on the Hill. This unique facility provides a safe and nurturing place for moms and their kids who are often caught in a cycle of addiction, trauma, poverty, and social injustice. Their dedicated team helps to keep children out of foster care by offering moms who risk losing custody of their kids the opportunity to break free from addiction while strengthening the bond with their children. They work with women who can’t afford expensive recovery centers and offer services at no cost. Women learn valuable life skills at the Parisi House that many were never taught growing up, empowering them to take control of their lives and become better parents for their kids. Children get the opportunity to bond with their mothers and get the loving care they need to grow up strong and healthy.
  • Measure A - Bond Measure for the Seismic Upgrade - In 2008, leadership from the Foundation advocated for the "Yes on Measure A" Campaign (an $840 million voter-approved bond measure for the seismic upgrade of SCVMC), the construction of the John A. and Susan Sobrato Pavilion, and the Resource Service Center (RSC) at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, and Valley Health Center Downtown in San Jose.
  • Essential County Services - In 2012, Valley Health Foundation was deeply involved in the campaign to secure voter approval for an increase in sales tax of .0125% (for 10 years) to ensure essential County services and programs would survive the recession.
  • Measure A - Affordable Housing Bond - In 2016, Valley Health Foundation was an essential member of the Measure A Campaign yielding a $950 million Affordable Housing Bond in Santa Clara County. The bond provides the County with an unprecedented opportunity to partner with cities, residents, and the affordable and supportive housing community to significantly address the housing needs of the community’s poorest and most vulnerable residents. It will provide affordable housing for vulnerable populations including veterans, seniors, the disabled, low and moderate-income individuals, or families, foster youth, victims of abuse, the homeless, and individuals suffering from mental health or substance abuse illnesses. The bond proceeds would contribute to the creation and/or preservation of approximately 4,800 affordable housing units.
  • East San José PEACE Partnership - The East San José PEACE (Prevention Efforts Advance Community Equity) Partnership is a comprehensive violence and trauma prevention effort between residents and organizations to advance health, unity, peace, and empowerment in the East San José community. The collaboration focuses on three zip codes – 95127, 95116 and 95122 – with the highest rates of violence and trauma in the region, placing them at an increased risk for adverse health outcomes.