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Valley Health Foundation photo of  a Santa Clara Valley Medical Center nurse assisting patient in a hospital setting.

How We Help

Strategic Focus

As a nonprofit leader for community health and healthcare in Santa Clara County, Valley Health Foundation (VHF) engages our donors, community-based organizations, public health, custody health, behavioral health, and Santa Clara Valley Healthcare (SCVH*) in our mission to improve the health of everyone in Santa Clara County. Through our work, we support, innovate, and advocate for better health for all.  


Valley Health Foundation actively supports the patients, families, and dedicated healthcare professionals of Santa Clara Valley Healthcare. Our public healthcare system provides the highest quality healthcare to everyone in Silicon Valley. Our donors also make an impact beyond the clinical setting through many community-based programs and services as part of our mission to ensure better health for all. 

Why We Support - Santa Clara Valley Healthcare is the only healthcare system in the region with a 100% open door policy, providing care to all, regardless of ability to pay. Living that mission every day is easier said than done as public dollars only go so far to meet the complex health needs of this community. To ensure that every resident of this county has access to the highest quality care, it takes all of us actively investing in our local public healthcare system.



Valley Health Foundation has a long history of leading and promoting new solutions for a healthier Santa Clara County. We innovate because growth comes from change. We proactively support and find solutions to vital needs in our community.

Why We Innovate - Ensuring that every resident of this region has access to the highest quality care takes commitment, resources, and creative thinking. By supporting innovation, our donors empower physicians, nurses, and other clinical leaders to pioneer new models of care, improve the quality of services, and build a healthcare system that truly works for everyone.


Valley Health Foundation advocates for programs and services that address health disparities, support services for vulnerable populations, and strengthen the overall financial stability of our public healthcare system. Our advocacy takes on many forms; through supporting public campaigns, outreach and education, and intentional fundraising on behalf of high-need programs. 

Why We Advocate - When our donors give, they do more than fund health services; they bring visibility to our most pressing healthcare challenges and help find solutions to gaps in care. After all, protecting and expanding healthcare services for the most vulnerable is not just the job of physicians or elected officials. It takes dedicated champions in the community who push for change in policy and investment to ensure better health for all.




*SCVH includes Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, O’Connor Hospital, St. Louise Regional Hospital, Valley Specialty Center, the Valley Homeless Healthcare Program (VHHP), 14 primary and specialty care health centers, and other affiliated outpatient clinics across the County. Serving 1 in 4 residents of Santa Clara County, SCVH provides care to all, regardless of insurance status or income level.