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Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Refugee Clinic staff and patient


Outreach and Education

Outreach and Education - We educate community leaders, health advocates, and the public about the positive impact, high value, and quality of care offered through public healthcare facilities and services.

  • Advocate for Health and Healthcare - While working collaboratively with private, public, and other community-based partners since 1988, VHF has been a vocal advocate for health and healthcare offered by the County of Santa Clara in countless engagements in the County and greater Bay Area. The following are examples of past and ongoing work led and supported by the Foundation:
    • Leadership - The Foundation actively promotes the health and healthcare services offered by the County of Santa Clara by facilitating highly engaging tours of health facilities, leading meetings with public and private organizations who want to learn more about the award-winning and high-quality services offered by SCVH, and facilitates discussions with the public with key healthcare professionals who share “first hand” the tremendously positive impact these services have on the health of Santa Clara County.
    • Communications and Sharing - The Foundation utilizes every opportunity with private citizens, community-based organizations, elected officials, business and industry leaders, and other community partners to share information about the care and value of the County’s public health and healthcare services. It leverages its website, social media, other digital platforms, and numerous in-person events in the broader County to amplify these messages.