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Santa Clara Valley Healthcare Unveils 12 New Ambulances to Improve Timeliness of Treatments For Hospital Transfers

One of the new ambulances

Transfers can be for Behavioral Health, Custody Health Services, or care facilities

Santa Clara County, Calif. – Santa Clara Valley Healthcare (SCVH), the public hospital system for the County of Santa Clara, has unveiled a new ambulance fleet to significantly improve transport times between its three hospitals and 16 clinics. The hospital system includes Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, O’Connor Hospital, and St. Louise Regional Hospital, with the clinics located throughout the County from Palo Alto to Gilroy. 

“This investment in medical transport ambulances will make a tremendous difference for families that have complicated and urgent health care needs. When it comes to emergency health care, minutes count,” said Sylvia Arenas, County of Santa Clara Supervisor. “I’m thrilled that we’re here today in Gilroy to see this new investment that will improve the quality of care and timeliness of treatments for our most vulnerable residents, across all of Santa Clara County and especially in areas like South County.”

Nine of the 12 ambulances will be specific for basic interfacility transfers, plus one specifically designed NICU ambulance, one advanced life support ambulance, and one critical care transport ambulance. The new fleet will be particularly beneficial in transporting patients from South County more than 30 miles for specialized treatments at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and O’Connor Hospital. This could include non-emergency transfers from hospital to hospital, for behavioral health needs, Custody Health Services, or providing safe and secure travel from a skilled nursing facility and back.

“This investment to improve health care in the community was made possible by the leadership of our Board of Supervisors and the hard-working staff at Santa Clara Valley Healthcare,” said James R. Williams, County Executive for the County of Santa Clara. “As part of our core mission, the County will continue improving health care for our residents.”  

“This new ambulatory fleet provides increased flexibility and ensures patients are transported in a timely manner to the designated care location,” said Paul E. Lorenz, Chief Executive Officer for Santa Clara Valley Healthcare. “This was made possible through a private and public partnership with Westmed Ambulance Service and we thank them for their support.”

The ambulance program was supported by donations from the community thanks to the efforts of The Friends of St. Louise Advisory Board, a part of Valley Health Foundation.

“It was our donor base in South County that initially responded and they played a significant role in bringing us to this point,” said Michael Elliott, President and Executive Director for Valley Health Foundation. 

The new ambulances are now in service with branding to be completed in the coming weeks.

*Photo courtesy of Santa Clara Valley Healthcare.

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Santa Clara Valley Healthcare (SCVH), California's second-largest County-owned health and hospital system, is comprised of three acute care hospitals, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, O’Connor Hospital, and St. Louise Regional Hospital, along with a network of primary and specialty clinics. SCVH emphasizes quality care, research, teaching, innovation, and most importantly, a focus on coordinated, compassionate and patient-centered care for every patient. SCVH is the home for the County’s Custody Health Services department, providing medical attention to those under our care. Our mission is to provide high-quality, accessible healthcare and excellent service to everyone in Santa Clara County, regardless of their social-economic status or ability to pay.

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Valley Health Foundation (VHF) is a non-profit leader in community health and healthcare that fundraises to support, innovate, and advocate for better health for all in Santa Clara County. VHF helps patients, families, and dedicated healthcare professionals who serve in public healthcare facilities in Santa Clara County. VHF is the foundation for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, O’Connor Hospital, and St. Louise Regional Hospital, 14 primary and specialty care health centers, Santa Clara County Public Health, Behavioral Health Services, and Custody Health. VHF also supports many community-based programs and services that share our mission to ensure better health for all. Valley Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 77-0187890) that is supported by donors.