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Why I Give – Keeping Rose On Her Feet

At 89 years old, Rose lives a full and vibrant life. She’s a life long resident of the Valley, and is part of a community she loves. Several years ago, when her husband had an accident — a woodshop project gone awry — he received care at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. So Rose has been a kind donor ever since.

She didn’t know much about the county health system. She donated because she cares about her community and she was glad there was a county hospital for everyone.

One day in March of this year, while standing in her kitchen, Rose’s vision blurred and she started feeling dizzy, then… she lost consciousness. She was having a terrible reaction to new medication.

When she opened her eyes again, she was startled to be in a hospital room at SCVMC. She had fallen on the kitchen floor, face first after blacking out. Her lip had split open, she had badly injured her face, and likely had a concussion. The paramedics had taken her to the only hospital in the region with a top-level trauma center to ensure her care.

But what Rose talks about most eagerly is the people who cared for her. “My two doctors were wonderful. They were so nice and I felt so cared for. They provided me outstanding quality of care,” she said. Having never been inside the hospital she was extremely impressed.

Now when Rose recounts her injury story to friends, she makes sure to emphasize the great care she received at SCVMC. “Most people don’t know!” she says.

These days, Rose spends most of her time safely in her home with her husband. But once a week they go take socially-distanced folk dance lessons which they do outdoors. Back on her feet in more ways than one, Rose is proud to be a loyal donor to the VMC Foundation now knowing firsthand the quality of care that all patients receive in the Santa Clara County Health and Hospitals system.